Live 1-to-1

  • This package includes 4 live virtual training sessions
  • Sessions 1 hour
Package of 4

This session will focus to trim, tone and strengthen your upper body. This is a amazing 30 minute 1 on 1 virtual session.

Equipment needed (resistance bands or dumbbells), Cost- $25.00 per session or substitute your current plan 1 personal training session for 2 of this session.

30 mins

This 30 minute session provides nutritional guidance to assist in your sucess of achieving a balanced healthy meal plan.

30 mins

This is a 20-30 minute live 1 to 1 session, no equipment needed, Cost- $15 per session

30 mins

Let's get started

  • Our goal to help each of our clients meet their fitness goals.
  • The free fitness assessment is used to determine your current fitness level then we'll discuss your goals.
  • The trainer will develop a custom exercise plan to help you achieve your goals.
  • Your training will be based on your ability level and fitness goals.
  • Our personal training sessions are 45-60 minutes.

Equipment needed (resistance bands or dumbbells), Cost- $50.00 per session or substitute 1 personal training session from your current in person training package.

60 mins


Back and Hamstrings3
Back and Hamstrings3
Back and Hamstrings #3
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Back and Hamstrings3
Back and Hamstrings #3
Back and Hamstrings series- session 2
Back and Hamstrings- session 2
Hamstrings and Back 1
Hamstrings and Back Series. session 1
15 minute abs 2020_04_13
a quick and challenging ab workout in under 15 mins
Yin & Yang Yoga with Kristen
For this class you need two blocks and a bolster (you can use a few pillows if you don’t have one!)
15 minute abs 2020_03_30
a perfect ab workout that all fitness levels will appreciate
Arms, Abs & more 2020_3_26
Challenging total body workout
Yoga with Kristen March 25, 2020
This is an all-levels vinyasa yoga class!
YOGA -101 2020_03_21

yoga with Cheryl

Legs, Legs, Legs V1
This workout focuses on toning and trimming your legs and engaging your core while increasing your heart rate to burn calories.

Live Experience